1. How Putting Huge Expectations on Yourself Can Ruin Your Season
    Coach Connor Powers shares his experience during his professional and college baseball career about what happened to his performance when he put huge expectations on his results.
  2. Why "keeping your weight back" can hurt baseball hitting performance
    In this video Connor Powers talks about how many players, parents, and coaches misinterpret what it means to keep your weight back. When coaches say "keep your weight back" they really mean stay behind the ball and don't lose your power by drifting forwards. The solution typically means the hitter has 70 percent of their weight on the back leg - locking them into an unathletic, weak hitting position.
  3. Two Power Killing Mistakes Almost Every Hitter Makes
    In this video hitting coach and power specialist Connor Powers shows two power killing mistakes every hitter should avoid
  4. 3 Hitting Mechanics You Should Steal from Eric Hosmer
    In this baseball hitting video Coach Connor Powers shows you three hitting mechanics you should steal from Eric Hosmer. Eric Hosmer is a younger player with a few years of MLB experience under his belt. Coach Powers picked Hosmer as the example because of his performance during the 2015 season as well as how quickly he reached the big leagues. The training at Dead Red Hitting is designed to create advanced players who dominate at their level of competition and don't struggle when they advance to the next level.
  5. Stop Squishing The Bug" Hitting Drill
    In this video Connor Powers shows you a quick tip about hip rotation and what mechanical hitting adjustments you can make to be sure you are keeping your bat in the hitting zone for as long as possible.
  6. Secret "Hands Inside The Ball" Baseball Hitting Drill
    By keeping your head down you are allowing your bat to stay on plane longer and make more consistent contact. In this video Connor gives away one quick tip to solve the bat wrap problem. This is a simple trick that will work instantly for players at every single age group.
  7. 16 Mistakes Almost Every Hitter Makes During The Off-Season
    In this video Coach Connor Powers from DeadRedHitting.com discusses 16 mistakes almost every hitter makes during their off-season. The off-season is an important time for the hitter to develop their swing and take their game to the next level. Check out these 16 mistakes and make sure you aren't making one